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Some Of Your Parts Podcast

Aug 20, 2021

How are our food choices affecting our health and in return perpetuating the food industry? Find out from food expert, health and wellness coach, Lisa Jendza host of the upcoming Freedom Kitchen summit


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Jan 25, 2021

Everything you were told about exercise is a myth.  Find out why and what we should be doing from exercise expert, Debra Atkinson.

Jan 12, 2021

Do you suffer from heavy bleeding?  Painful sex? Infertility?  It could be from fibroids.  Find out from expert, Dr. Andrea Perez, how to heal holistically and naturally, without surgery. 

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Heal Your Fibroid...

Dec 24, 2020

Find out how a once used drug for narcotic overdose is now being used to change people's lives.  Could this be right for you?

Listen as we speak to LDN expert, Dani Williamson FNP.

We cover the history of LDN and potential uses such as cancer, pain, and autoimmune diseases.


Disclaimer:  This and all episodes on Some...

Dec 14, 2020

We are all made up of energy down to our tiniest atoms.  How does this energy affect our health and our being?   Amy Stark of Stark Transformation discusses the amazing science behind energy medicine and transformation.  Stick around to the 45-minute mark and listen to what Amy does during the live recording. ...